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Are you ready for a holiday and have no idea what to cook? With these food influencers and their summer recipes, we bring the holidays and inspiration into your home!

Feel like a barbecue? Johann Lafer and Meta Hiltebrand provide the right recipes!

Have fun with the following food influencers before you even start cooking. But the web has so much more to offer! Share your favorite food influencers with us in the comments below.

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Whether you’re looking for Italian recipes like pasta pesto, bruschetta or homemade ricotta cheese, Angelo Coassin (cookingwithbello) conjures them easily and “super sexy” on your plate in just a few seconds. The young Italian shows, mostly in English, how you can quickly and easily prepare a Mediterranean summer dish. Thanks to his amazing Italian accent, it feels like you’re sitting in the middle of a restaurant somewhere in Italy. Typical phrases are particularly entertaining and make the food influencer so unique.

You must try it because it is mamma mia!

Add parmesan cheese, as is not tomorrow!

Add some herbs to make it super sexy!

If you haven’t had enough of Angelo after his gnocchi or cheese bombs (the name says it all!), you can also check out his funny roles on “How to lure an Italian out of your reserve” or reactions to Tiktok trends . And yes, dear Pizza Hawaii fans, he gets very upset with you too!

Wasps preventing you from enjoying your food outside? It helps!

Maya Leinenbach (fitgreenmind) from Saarland already has almost two million followers on Instagram at the age of 18! She convinces her community with creative vegan dishes, which she prepares so deliciously in her rolls that you’ll be hungry immediately. She repeatedly presents typical national dishes in her vegan world tour and creative alternatives to animal products. Do you think Caprese salad, sushi or Köttbullar cannot be prepared vegan? Then you should definitely check out her channel and convince yourself otherwise!

Summer recipe from food influencer Knusperstübchen I Sarah Zahn (Photo: Knusperstübchen I Sarah Zahn)

Bulgur salad with feta and nectarines by food influencer Sarah Zahn aka Knusperstübchen.

Crisp room I Sarah Zahn

At Sarahs (dasknusperstuebchen) Rules are not spoken, she lets the fantastically arranged signs speak for themselves! The videos are accompanied by suitable music and the list of ingredients with recipe instructions can usually be found in the text of the post – what more could you ask for when looking for a summer recipe?! And to do justice to Sarah’s minimalist word style, we’ll keep it short and go straight to videos and photos of her recipes. Just one more thing: She even manages to make unpopular ingredients like cabbage look tasty!

Suitable drinks to cool down are available here!

With TV chef Serkan Güzelcoban, the kitchen sometimes stays cold in the summer; he shared his summer recipe, which requires just four ingredients, on the SWR3 morning show. Listen here:

Logo SWR3 (Photo: SWR, SWR)

listen to highlights

Morning programme: Food tip for hot days


Take pizza to the next level: watermelon pizza! Simply slice a melon, top with yogurt or cottage cheese and the fruit of your choice. Sprinkle crunchy muesli, grated chocolate, almond flakes or mint, cut into pieces and the summer snack is ready.

Do you know food influencers who shouldn’t be missing from this list? Then share it with us in the comments!

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