Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake: Ultra creamy – no bake

Cheesecake is to the US what cheesecake is to us. There are many basic ingredients: cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese… and tofu! This is what we use to make the cream for our vegan chocolate cheesecake.

Yep, you read that right: tofu is excellent for creamy cakes and desserts. Not necessarily the firm block of tofu, of course, but the pudding-like silken tofu. Vegans like to use it regularly for all kinds of desserts. However, what you should always pay attention to with creamy desserts: As soon as plant milk is mentioned in the recipe, always try to use a soy-based drink. Because it supports the binding of the cream, it becomes much firmer than if you use, for example, oat milk. It actually disrupts the bond rather than promoting it.

And to the question “Who baked it?” can you simply say: the fridge! Here, neither the base nor the cream have to go into the oven, our cold kitchen friend does the job.

Do you find these and other tips helpful? That’s a good thing, because in our cooking school we regularly provide you with all kinds of practical knowledge about vegetable nutrition. We explain which vegan milk alternatives are suitable for what or how you can replace eggs in baking and cooking. We have also listed the best alternatives to honey. Also exciting: There are many sweets that are “naturally” vegan. Here are some surprises!

Now you may have gotten the taste and want to try more vegan cake recipes. We are happy about it and we would like to serve you our current favorites:

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A piece of vegan chocolate cheesecake, next to it a fork and a cup of coffee.


No Bake: Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake with Silky Tofu


Cheesecake, but without cheese – but with silk tofu and cocoa.

For the land

For the cheesecake cream

For the decoration (optional)


  1. In the first step, melt the butter and grind or crumble the biscuits. Then mix the cookie crumbs and butter together. Cover the bottom of a greased springform pan evenly and press down. Put something in the fridge.

  2. Now melt the butter for the cream as well. Then puree together with the soy cream, the silken tofu, the sugar and the cocoa. Spread the cream on the biscuit base, make it smooth and put the cake in the fridge for several hours, preferably overnight.

  3. If desired, garnish the cake with chopped hazelnuts and chocolate sauce before serving.

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