Toast with chanterelles and flavored egg

Chanterelle season is in full swing. Right now they are affordable and in high season. This means they are really plump, fleshy and glowing golden yellow. We think it’s excellent and believe that you can take your time in the morning for an extensive breakfast with chanterelles. Our toast with mushroom scrambled eggs and fried chanterelles is just what you need.

For the mushroom scrambled eggs, you simply take the mushroom broth created when you fry the chanterelles and reduce it. Then simply remove all the mushroom flavors from the pan with a sip of milk and whisk this flavored milk together with the fresh eggs. The scrambled egg tastes slightly hearty and has a touch of umami.

The perfect contrast is provided by the chanterelles on the toast, which are caramelized in the pan with a little maple syrup. This not only gives the chanterelles a great shine, but also a tasty contrast to the strong scrambled egg. This is how you can enjoy breakfast. Speaking of chanterelles: also try this delicious idea: potatoes and bacon.

Looking for more goodies for breakfast? Try one of these ideas and bring life to your breakfast kitchen:

Two toasties on a light blue plate and stone table.


Toast with mushroom scrambled eggs and fried chanterelles


Why not chanterelles for breakfast? No problem with our mushroom scrambled eggs and fried chanterelles.


  1. Place the toasties in the toaster just before the scrambled eggs are ready. Crack and beat the eggs. Clean the chanterelles and saute in a pan with a little butter. Until they draw some water. Now take out the chanterelles and add the milk. Reduce everything and then add to the egg mixture while stirring.

  2. Wipe out the pan and put the chanterelles back in. Now add the maple syrup and bring everything to the boil and season with salt and pepper. Finally, cut the chives into fine rolls. Now place the scrambled egg on the toasties and place the fried maple chanterelles on top. Sprinkle chives over and enjoy.

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