This is how you conjure up delicious rolls like at a craft bakery

Many like to remember the typical double reels that used to be available.
Many like to remember the typical double reels that used to be available. Photos: imago/Kai Bienert, imago/Blickwinkel

Nowadays, most people get their breakfast rolls from a bakery – but often only frozen rolls are baked here. Unfortunately, true artisan bakers are becoming increasingly rare. But: Can you still remember the typical taste of the double Ost rolls? Only a few bakers still conjure up such breakfast rolls today. But: No reason to despair! KURIER reveals how you can make fresh rolls like in GDR times.

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Recipe from the GDR: These crispy rolls taste like before

Because it is not difficult at all. It just requires a few ingredients, a little time and a lot of love! And: It could be even better than it was. In the baking blog “Bäcker Süpkes Welt” an Eastern bread recipe is also presented. The baker writes that the yeast in GDR times was often quite rubbish.

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“Because: It was transported with the Reichsbahn. By the time it got to the baker, it was often already expired,” they say. “In the winter, she would stand for hours at the train station (I saw it myself) and get cold. Then it was greasy and we had to use more yeast to get a reasonable result.” Today, however, many manufacturers’ yeast is almost pure – and therefore better to use.

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This is how the GDR rolls used to be prepared - the typical double rolls were an integral part of any bakery.
This is how the GDR rolls used to be prepared – the typical double rolls were an integral part of any bakery. Photo: imago/Bernd Friedel

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You need for the GDR rolls: 500 grams of wheat flour, 320 milliliters of cold water, 12 grams of yeast (equivalent to about two bags of dry yeast), 10 grams of salt, 5 grams of baking malt and 10 grams of lard.

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Rolls like in the GDR: Double rolls are a success with this recipe!

And this is how it works: All the ingredients are first mixed together for about five to seven minutes on the lowest level and then kneaded for another 15 minutes with the dough hook to form an elastic dough. After that it must rest for an hour, but in a cool place – this ensures that the dough rises very slowly. Then fold it once and let it rest for another hour.

Then divide the piece into smaller pieces of dough, so ten to twelve should end up with this amount of ingredients. Form them into rounds and lay them out in the typical rolls. Then cover and leave to rise for 60 minutes, making a slot after 30 minutes. Then place a casserole dish with water in the oven and preheat the oven to 250 degrees for a fan oven. Then brush the rolls with water and put them in the oven. Bake for 20 minutes until golden brown to light brown. Enjoy your meal!

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