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Our filled milk rolls with orange compote are simply irresistible! The lovelies filled with nut nougat cream are a super simple dessert or just a sweet snack for in between. Even as breakfast, the treats make a lot.

The combination of the fruity orange compote (homemade always tastes the best anyway) and the sweet nut-nougat cream (which melts like pure happiness) together with the soft milk roll is basically simply exquisite.

Milk rolls are something you should have in the household much more often anyway. The sweet and fluffy pastry provides the perfect base for something quick and tasty in between. Together with nut-nougat cream, milk rolls also simply won. No idea what, but definitely won. And the milk rolls with orange compote filled with nut nougat cream won twice. While we’re on the subject of nutty nougat cream, here are 12 Nutella fun facts.

But not only the milk rolls and the nut nougat cream are responsible for the magic in this recipe. Because the orange compote is an important part of this dreamy arrangement. The fresh citrus fruit gives the whole composition that certain something. Although it’s actually the interaction of all the individual parts that makes stuffed milk rolls with orange compote so special.

Did you know that oranges were bred by our people? In nature, these fruits would never grow like this. Just like most citrus fruits we know today. Another fun fact: Oranges are also known as oranges. This word used to be called “apelsina” and is derived from “apple from China” because that is where the orange comes from. And this although most oranges nowadays grow in Brazil because they are grown there in large numbers.

After all that orange talk, you’re really craving the delicious citrus fruit, aren’t you? Here you will find some of our recipes that our beloved orange can really get involved in:

A bowl of our orange salad with shrimp sits on a serving towel on the table.


In a pan are three filled milk balls with orange compote in a glass next to them against a pink background.  The milk rolls are filled with nut-nougat cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar.


Stuffed milk rolls with orange compote – unbelievably delicious and super easy!


These filled milk rolls with orange compote convince with the melted nut nougat filling, which is in perfect balance with the fruity orange compote. Plus the warm and soft milk roll – definitely a new go-to snack!


  1. For the compote, peel 3 oranges, remove the white peel. Use a sharp knife to cut out the fillets between the membranes. Squeeze 5 oranges. Boil the juice and sugar. Mix the cornflour with a little cold water until smooth. Stir in the boiling juice and simmer for about 1 minute. Remove the saucepan from the heat, let the thickened juice cool slightly and then mix in the orange fillets. Let the compote cool.

  2. Cut a pocket in each of the milk rolls, fill each with 1 tablespoon of nut nougat cream and press the rolls together a little. Whisk together milk, eggs and a pinch of salt. Turn the buns in it several times.

  3. Heat the clarified butter in batches in a large pan, fry the rolls in batches, turning carefully. Keep the rolls warm. Dust the rolls with icing sugar and serve with the compote. It tastes like custard.

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