Pizza Bianca: Vegan recipe for pizza without tomato sauce

Pizza Bianca is a pizza without tomato sauce but with a combination of creamy toppings. We have the recipe for you to copy. And: Pizza Bianca is also vegan!

Pizza Bianca – the “white pizza”

Pizza Bianca is white pizza. This means that tomato sauce is not the base, but white ingredients such as ricotta, sour cream, cream cheese or cheese. Pizza Bianca is by no means dry, but creamy and can be topped just like a regular pizza. What additional toppings you put on the Pizza Bianca is up to you.

We have a vegan recipe to you This means we have replaced the various types of cheese with vegan alternatives. All of these can be bought in well-stocked supermarkets, but you can also make them yourself: vegan ricotta, vegan parmesan, vegan mozzarella. Of course, it is possible to prepare the Pizza Bianca in the classic way and therefore use the “normal” ingredients. Note that Parmesan non-vegetarian is.

By the way: Pizza Bianca is not a new creation, but a traditional pizza from Northern Italy.

Hints and tips for a delicious Pizza Bianca

Pizza Bianca tastes best with homemade dough.
Pizza Bianca tastes best with homemade dough.
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The best is to make the pizza dough for the Pizza Bianca yourself, then you know what is in it and it will be particularly tasty. You can choose between different types of dough, such as:

When preparing, allow the time it will take for the dough to rise (at least an hour). For two thin pizzas you need about 250 grams of flour.

We recommend groceries organic quality to use. seal like this organic soil-, natural soil– or that demeterseals identify products that come from environmentally friendly cultivation. Among other things, you can then be sure that they are free of chemical-synthetics pesticides is. If you seasonal and shop regionallyyou can too Co2-Emissions save up All this has a positive effect on you ecological footprint out.

How to prepare vegan Pizza Bianca

You can easily prepare Pizza Bianca vegan.
You can easily prepare Pizza Bianca vegan.
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Vegan pizza Bianca

  • Preparation: about 7 minutes
  • Break time: about 60 minutes
  • Cooking/baking time: about 10 minutes
  • Crowd: 2 servings