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I recently spontaneously baked a small chocolate cake for a friend. Which smelled nice when it came out of the oven, but looked a little sad, completely unadorned and plain. Since I really spontaneously baked it, I was happy that it worked at all, but of course I didn’t think about decoration or anything like that. So what I needed was a good solution to avoid having a completely bare chocolate cake. The answer: make your own icing! With this I could not only decorate the cake, but even personalize it, which is of course even more delicious. The good thing about it: I actually had the ingredients for the sugar writing ready and could start right away.

Basically, there are two ways to produce icing. First mix the beaten egg white with powdered sugar. Second, mix powdered sugar with a little liquid, such as cherry juice, coffee or orange juice, until it forms a solid mass. With both versions, food coloring can of course also be used, if available.

The perfect recipe for homemade sugar writing

The rule of thumb for the first recipe is 1 egg white and 210 g powdered sugar. But since 1 egg white can vary in size, you should actually say: 35 g of egg white to 210 g of powdered sugar. The egg white is whipped with half of the icing sugar (even better icing sugar extra fine) and then mixed with the rest of the sifted icing sugar. Since this is a lot of sugar and you usually don’t need that much, half the recipe is usually enough. The writing is very productive and can be processed wonderfully.

Now all you need is a piping bag for your homemade sugar letters and you’re good to go. Don’t have a piping bag handy? Fresh storage or freezer bags are also suitable for sugar writing. Simply cut off a small corner and use it as a piping bag. And for smart hobbyists, there are also tutorials on video platforms on how to make piping bags out of baking paper.

Design something right away and try your own sugar script on this chocolate yogurt cake. We also have a lot more baking inspiration for you. How about decorating one of these cakes with the icing.

A slice of chocolate swirl cheesecake on a dessert plate standing on a wooden board.  A few chocolate drops too


1 hour 10 minutes


A piece of teardrop cake is lifted from the rest of the teardrop cake standing on a cake stand with a cake lifter so that the topping, topping and base can be seen from the side.  In the background is a cup of coffee and sugar against a gray background.


9 hours 20 minutes


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