In the day care, everything revolved around Bella Italia

Senior work in Rheinberg
In the day care, everything revolved around Bella Italia

For a week, everything revolved around Italy in the day care center at Wiesenhof “SenTa”. Holiday without a suitcase – that was the motto.

The rooms are decorated accordingly, there are olive trees in the garden and lemon trees by the windows, sun loungers, the sound of the sea and Italian music get the guests in the mood for their holiday.

Day care guest Fabio Florit is particularly happy about the week. A cheerful “Buongiorno” sounds in the morning. He was born in Udine in Italy and is reminded of his homeland. Fresh vegetables and fruit are offered at the market stall. At mealtime there are delicacies from the holiday country; freshly cooked pizza and pasta, but also something sweet, gelato and panna cotta.

The care program changes daily: sitting dance to Italian music; a cocktail in the garden and Italy bingo. As it should be for a vacation, vacation photos are taken every day as a memory. On Saturday, at the end of the trip, a summer party took place, to which the family was also invited. With lemon liqueur “Limoncello” for everyone.

“Many of our guests used to holiday in Italy. Many beautiful memories were awakened during this week,” said Thomas Prinz, head of day care.



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