Healthy omelet recipe under 400 calories

Omelet with vegetables |  © Getty Images/Vasil Dimitrov

Weight loss with eggs: healthy omelet under 400 calories

© Getty Images/Vasil Dimitrov

Quick to make and suitable for weight loss: omelette. Our egg dish has less than 400 calories and is also very tasty. The recipe!

The rumor that eggs are unhealthy has now been dismissed – so let’s now move on to the positive qualities of chicken eggs. And there are many: wonderfully variable, delicious, quick to prepare, filling food, perfect for building muscle and as a weight loss guarantee, we love the product from breakfast. If the classic soft-boiled egg is too boring for you, you should try an omelette. Because: In addition to the good portion of proteins and healthy fats from the egg yolk, various types of vegetables provide variety on the plate – and with less than 400 calories.


  1. Beat the eggs in a bowl and gradually stir in the vegetables.

  2. Season to taste with salt, pepper and herbs.

  3. Fry the egg mixture in a heated pan with a little olive oil on both sides until golden brown and serve on a plate – cooked!

Our tip: If you want, you can eat a slice of whole grain bread with it. A little feta can also liven up your omelette.

It is not for nothing that professional chefs go back to special pans for omelettes. You don’t have to buy such a pan, but make sure that the edge of yours is nicely rounded so that you can easily turn the scrambled egg. In addition, the temperature is important. Do not let the pan get too hot. Otherwise, the egg will brown too quickly and lose its fluffy consistency,

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