Grilling with the pizza stone: This is how the pizza succeeds

Grill and oven: Bake pizza with the pizza stone

Pizza and pizza stone on the grill

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A fresh and crispy stone oven pizza like the Italians can rarely be prepared in the home oven or on the grill. We explain how you can achieve the original with a pizza stone.

It doesn’t take much to make a good pizza: knead flour with salt, yeast, sugar, olive oil and water and then let the dough rest for a while. The dough can be rolled out, covered and baked. But often the pizza dough not really crispy on the baking sheet, but still soft. This is due to the moisture in the dough, which accumulates between the dough and the tray during baking. To make the pizza crispy, we recommend using a pizza stone.

What is a pizza stone?

A pizza stone consists of natural stone, e.g. B. cordierite or fire clay, and can Stores heat for a particularly long time and absorbs moisture. They are also available in ceramic and soapstone. The pizza stone is heated in the oven or on the grill for about 30 minutes at 250-300° C and can then be used. When the pizza dough lies on the stone, it absorbs the moisture from the dough so that the base becomes crispy. Due to the high temperature, the pizza is ready after a short time – about 6-8 minutes. The shorter baking time also helps preserve the topping and preserve the flavors.

How do you bake pizza on a pizza stone?

Baking with a pizza stone is easy, but takes a bit preparation time. Proceed step by step:

  1. Before using the pizza stone for the first time, wipe it with a cloth and let it dry.
  2. Place the pizza stone in the oven or on the grill. It takes time at 250° C about 30 minutesuntil the stone dies optimal temperature has reached Be sure to place the stone on a cooking grate near the flame. Temperatures that are too high can damage the stone.
  3. Sprinkle now flour on the stone and put the pizza on. The flour prevents the dough from sticking. After about 5-8 minutes, the pizza is ready.
  4. Remove the finished pizza from the pizza stone with a pizza shovel.

Comparison of pizza stones

Making your own pizza is not difficult with a pizza stone. So that your pizza is also a success, we present our pizza stone favorites:

1. Loco Bird Pizza Stone with Pizza Shovel

The pizza stone of Locobird consists of cordierite and is Heat resistant up to 900°C. The square, 38 x 30 cm stone is ideal for the grill and also for the oven. There is one for the stone Aluminum pizza peel and a wooden handle.

2. Rommelsbacher fire clay pizza stone

Of the Rommelsbacher pizza stone is 35 x 35 cm in size, consists of chamotte and is suitable for the grill and the oven. Before you bake the pizza, the stone must Heat for 30 minutes. Just like that there is one pizza shovel on.

3. BURNHARD pizza stone

Of the Manufacturer BURNHARD has a 38 x 30 cm pizza stone in its range. It is also available with an additional pizza scoop. The stone is made of cordierite and should heat for about 30 minutes before baking. A brush to remove residue and a damp cloth to wipe are recommended for cleaning.

4. RÖSLE Vario pizza stone

Of the Pizza stone Vario from RÖSLE is a round stone chamotte with a diameter of 30 cm. According to Rösle, it is temperature resistant up to 300° C and is suitable for charcoal and gas grills. After use and cleaning with a damp cloth, the manufacturer recommends removing the stone Dry in the oven at 50°C allow.

5. Blumtal pizza stone for oven & gas grill incl. pizza peel

Of the Blumetal pizza stone exist cordierite and is Heat resistant up to 900°C. He is 38 x 30 cm and later 20-30 minutes at 250-300°C heat up There is also a pizza shovel that you can use to remove the handle as well.

You can find more pizza stones in our pizza stone comparison.

Which grill is suitable for the pizza stone?

In addition to an oven, you can also use several grills for a pizza stone. Gas grills and kettle grills are particularly suitable, as they have the gas supply or ventilation slots control temperature be able. Some grills even have a thermometer in the lid. This makes it easier to find the optimal temperature for the pizza. Moreover, it is possible, thanks to the size of the charcoal trays direct and indirect grilling. Simply move the charcoal to one side of the grill and close the lid to cook. For indirect grilling, the food to be grilled and the pizza stone are placed next to the heat source. For direct grilling, use the coals with the lid open.
as Alternative to the gas and kettle grill there are also so-called smokers. This works with a combustion chamber in which a fire is lit. The smoke enters a second room through a pipe and cooks the food there very gently and slowly. In the Firebox is often also a griddleso you can use the pizza stone there too.

How is a pizza stone cleaned and cared for?

Since a pizza stone should not be cleaned under running water, otherwise it may become brittle, proceed as follows when cleaning:

  1. To remove only light dirt, you can gently rub the pizza stone with a damp cloth wipe.
  2. at something gross dirt become one too brush or a scraper, e.g. B. for ceramic plates, is recommended to loosen burnt or sticky pizza residues.
  3. If the pizza stone is very dirty, the so-called pyrolysis recommended. This is a self-cleaning function in newer ovens, where the leftovers from the pizza stone burn. Alternatively, you can perform this procedure on the grid. But note the specified maximum temperature from the manufacturer.

Clue: To prevent residue and dirt, you can clean the pizza stone with a grill mat lay out You can find suitable grill mats in our grill mat comparison.

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