Gas crisis in Italy: prices for pizza and tomatoes explode


Italy and the energy crisis: That’s how expensive pizza is now

Guest allocation: the most important information

Guest allocation – the most important information

Russia’s war in Ukraine means that gas importers have to source their goods from more expensive sources. To avoid delivery tasks, consumers in Germany will have to pay a gas surcharge from October.

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In Italy, prices are skyrocketing. Pizza is becoming more and more expensive – and Italian restaurateurs are taking drastic measures.

Rome. The pizza restaurants in Italy are taking extraordinary measures. Because the prices for electricity and gas have risen drastically as a result of the Ukraine war, they publicly hang their electricity bills in the window price increase to justify their judgments.

“I was forced to ask 10 euros for a Margherita pizza or I have to close the place,” complains Alberto Rovati, owner of the Funky Gallo pizzeria in Lombardy, with a heavy heart. the margarita previously cost 5.50 euros. So he hung his electricity bill in the window for his guests to see.

In July she electricity bill 4000 euros – a good three times as much as in the previous year with 1350 euros. “I don’t want to scare my customers by issuing the invoice, I just want to send a signal that things can’t go on like this. As long as I can do that, I’ll keep working, then we’ll see,” said Rovati.

Also major processors of tomatoes and vegetables are affected. The owner of a canning factory near the southern Italian port of Salerno received an electricity bill of almost one million euros (978,000 euros), entrepreneur Francesco Francese reports on social networks, publishing photos of the bills.

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Last year he was charged a relatively “acceptable” amount of 120,000 euros, especially since July and August fall in the hot phase of tomato processing. “While our politicians fight for a seat in Parliament, entrepreneurs are left alone in the middle of the energy jungle,” writes Francese, referring to the Italian general election on September 25.

Italy’s families and businesses have been plagued by high energy prices for months. The government of outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi has a aid package released more than 14 billion euros to cushion the negative effects of high energy prices. However, this is considered insufficient by the entrepreneurs.

In protest against rising energy prices hotels, restaurants and shops turned off their lights for five minutes these days in the Adriatic seaside resort of Caorle near Venice. “We are protesting against the government, which has still not taken any drastic measures against inflation and electricity bills,” says Corrado Sandrin, spokesman for the trade association Confcommercio.

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The lights don’t just go out in Caorle. In light of the sharp rise in energy prices, Italian cities are taking measures to power consumption. The goal is to reduce Italy’s energy consumption by 7 percent, which is four billion cubic meters gas is equivalent to Several cities are already reducing street lighting.

The government advises not to cool offices, apartments and shops below 26 degrees despite the hot season. Officers are asked to turn off the lights in office spaces at the end of the day. Look at the fall and the reopening of the heating systems The Italian Ministry of the Environment has asked municipalities to lower the temperature in public buildings by two degrees.

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