E-prescriptions belong in retail pharmacies – Noventi starts campaign

The e-prescription raises desires: EU senders such as Shop Apotheke and DocMorris are waiting for the electronic prescriptions to give them another piece of the Rx pie. They have been positioning themselves in ad campaigns for months as a digital alternative to “analogue” on-site care – causing concern for pharmacists.

On-site pharmacies instead of mail order

On the occasion of the e-prescription rollout starting today in Westfalen-Lippe and Schleswig-Holstein, the pharmacy service provider Noventi is now countering it: In a press release today, Thursday, the company announced a national marketing campaign with which it will promote. the owner-managed on-site pharmacies in Germany.

The poster quotes a pharmacist who is looking forward to electronic prescriptions being filled in her branches instead of abroad. “The e-prescriptions are not sent to global mail order companies, but to my Zenbra pharmacies in Cologne. My pharmacy partner takes care of that,” is the quote from Noventi customer Stephanie Röhm, who runs the Zenbra pharmacy with two branches in Cologne. According to the company, it is planned to use it to advertise in the industry’s specialist media. In addition, the motif can be seen at the Expopharm trade fair in Munich in mid-September on an 8.80 m high banner area.

Summer: E-prescriptions should not be at the expense of owner-managed pharmacies

In this way, Noventi wants to draw attention to the fact that foreign companies can mainly benefit from e-regulations in the future. “In the interest of the German healthcare system and the patients, we must definitely prevent prescriptions primarily from foreign mail-order companies and owner-managed pharmacies from being filled in the tube in the future,” says Hermann Sommer, CEO of Noventi. “With the absolutely correct introduction of the e-prescription, we are reaching a point where it will become clear where the journey is going for on-site pharmacies in this country. In this respect, the industry should work hand in hand with politics so that the e-prescription is not at the expense of owner-managed pharmacies. Germany needs nationwide health care and therefore a tight network of on-site pharmacies throughout the country. This is what we are committed to as a pharmacy business.”

The “Location Germany campaign” will be advertised on various channels (print, online, social media) and will also be expanded at Expopharm. With the help of the interactive e-prescription journey at the Noventi stand, visitors can personally go through the entire process related to the electronic prescriptions – from redemption to the merchandise management check to the accounting simulation.

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