Crunchy crumbs: With these 5 tips it stays crunchy for a long time

Updated: 2022-09-02 – 18:34

5 Tips for Crispy Crumbs
What you can do to keep your crumbs crispier for longer

Long-lasting crunchy crumbs?  No problem with our 5 tips.

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Long-lasting crunchy crumbs? No problem with our 5 tips.

Whether it’s with plums, apples or berries: we’ll tell you how your crumb cake with the delicious fruit stays crisp for a very long time.

They are almost always the crown of a sheet cake and are also very popular internationally under the name Crumble. We are of course talking about the good old crumbs. Moreover, they are also made extremely quickly, because there is no need to produce a homogeneous dough with rests or the like. Roughly knead the crumb ingredients, place on the cake and bake. Good crumb enjoyment is so easy.

It’s just very annoying if the crumble loses its crunchy effect too quickly and becomes sticky or even mushy. In this article, you will find out so that this does not happen to you in the future until the cake is eaten and what you can do to ensure that the crumble remains crispy for a long time.

It keeps your crumbs crispy for longer

  1. For long, crispy crumbs, we recommend baking the cake first and not baking the crumbs from the beginning. This allows some liquid to escape from the fruit and batter without getting into the crumb.
  2. If you sprinkle some whipped cream on top of the fruit in the cake before placing the crumbs on top, it will also stay crisp longer. The cream stiffener forms a kind of protective layer for the crumbs. Result: They stay crispy longer.
  3. You can already take precautions when preparing the crumble yourself. Use melted butter for a long-lasting crispy effect.
  4. To keep the crumbs crispy for longer, you can simply replace part of the flour with oats or nuts. These are not as prone to getting muddy. In addition, nuts such as almonds or hazelnuts can also increase the enjoyment value.
  5. The last tip is to use semolina when making crumbs. Simply mix two tablespoons of it into the flour and bake as usual.

Now you know what you can do to have crispy crumbs on your cake for as long as possible. The only thing missing is a suitable recipe to directly apply your newly acquired knowledge. How about this Shortbread Bluecurrant Pie? Perfect for all the cuddly cats out there. Or you can choose a crumb cake from our gallery and bake it to perfection:

In our video, we also introduce you to other important sources of mistakes that will definitely not happen to you in the future when you bake:

You can find even more facts, suggestions, tips and recipes on the cake and fruit topic pages. We wish you lots of fun and success when you bake and enjoy! Nothing stands in the way of that now, because you now know our five tips for perfect crumbs that stay crispy for a long time!


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