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Brooklyn wants to be a master chef |

Beckham Jr. make an embarrassing pizza

His work is actually “son of…”, the classic rich kid. Apparently that’s not enough for Brooklyn Beckham. So he tries to cook a little – and posts his efforts Instagram.

First: Thanks for the laugh!

After donuts, fish and chips and spaghetti from the pasta machine it was now pizza time. It’s actually more challenging than you might think. The 23-year-old mixes the dough together, kneads, rolls, opens canned tomatoes, roasts mushrooms, spreads cheese on the dough and puts it in the oven.

He didn't cut himself to open the can.  At least one talent

He didn’t cut himself opening the can – at least

Photo: brooklynpeltzbeckham/Instagram

Result: It looks like the Italian dough part would have stayed in the oven out of sheer embarrassment. It seems pretty lackluster for Brooklyn. Spreading basil doesn’t help either. Every random hobby kitchen freak on conjures up something better. Only the distribution of flour looks pretty good with the oldest Beckham farmer.

But Beckham Jr. have high standards. He doesn’t just want to be a chef, he wants to be a chef immediately. And that’s exactly what solves out loud” Daily Mail” some laugh in the comments.

“Just don’t quit your normal job,” writes one user. “Is your sauce base really made of canned tomatoes and raw garlic?” But there is one fan who really wants the recipe…

Nevertheless, the conclusion: “Cook it like Beckham” – better not. (according to)


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