Breakfast: Why you should eat a lot in the morning

Why you should eat a lot in the morning

Big breakfast with muesli, croissants, fruit, coffee: why you should eat a lot in the morning

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Breakfast yes or no? Opinions differ on this question. Should we overeat in the morning or not? Nutritionists have a clear answer.

In the morning like an emperor, in the afternoon like a king, in the evening like a beggar… This proverb has been haunting many families for generations. But is there really anything to it? In other words, should we actually eat our biggest meal in the morning? Since intermittent fasting has been one of the major nutritional trends of late, many people skip breakfast. After all, it is usually more convenient and socially compatible than canceling dinner. Because we don’t want to do without dinner with a dear friend or family, and then we save on breakfast instead.

Blood sugar level + metabolism: Clear arguments for a big breakfast

This is anything but a good idea, because according to nutritionists, we should definitely eat something in the morning – preferably a good portion. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, the clear breakfast recommendation is related to the blood sugar level. Because if we eat nothing or very little in the morning, it can have a negative effect on him. A big breakfast ensures that blood sugar and insulin levels do not rise as much, which prevents food cravings and can also protect against diabetes in the long term. A study was able to prove it.

The second important reason that speaks for breakfast is our metabolism. A research team found that the metabolism works much faster after a large meal early in the day than after a delicious dinner. Eating breakfast increases your metabolism. “Our study shows that the human energy turnover is generally higher in the morning than in the evening,” explains study leader prof. Kerstin Oltmanns. “It’s genetic and it’s the same for everyone.”

What if I’m absolutely not hungry in the morning?

From a medical point of view, the answer to the question of whether we should eat breakfast in the morning is clearly yes. Of course, if you’re one of those people who can’t get anything in the morning, then there’s little point in forcing yourself to eat. Because our sense of hunger actually tells us – as long as we really listen to it and have not learned to suppress it – when and how much food our body needs.

So if you don’t want to think about breakfast right after you get up, it’s best to just wait until you’re hungry. Many people think that if they miss the classic breakfast time slot, they have to wait until lunch. But you can also eat a small snack during the morning. Or you just eat a snack, like a banana, yogurt or a smoothie. At least that’s how you manage to keep your blood sugar level constant and provide your body and brain with some energy.

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