Breakfast: Simple and healthy recipe for delicious oatmeal

Have a quick breakfast, but should it be healthy too? A simple recipe with oatmeal will help.

Dortmund – Many find it not only difficult to get something down in the morning, but also to reach for healthy food. The so-called “overnight oats” not only offer a high content of many vitamins, but are also, as the name suggests, prepared in the evening and even very quickly.

food oats
Calories per 100 grams 350 calories
Fiber per 100 grams 10 grams

Oatmeal as overnight oats: That’s why breakfast is so healthy

Oatmeal is high in fiber, which regulates blood sugar levels and quells cravings, according to the blog Failure reported. It can also be a huge benefit when it comes to weight loss. Oatmeal also contains protein that helps build muscle. The high content of vitamins and minerals also provides energy in the morning.

Now, hot oatmeal, or porridge, is a common breakfast. However, overnight oats (literally “overnight oats”) have several advantages over the dish. The oatmeal breakfast can be prepared in the evening and will set overnight. Since it happens in the fridge, the snack gives a special freshness in the morning.

In addition, no vitamins are lost through overheating, as can be the case with porridge. Ideal for late risers: the overnight oats can also be taken away. It is best to prepare breakfast in the evening in a sealable glass or plastic container.

Recipe for Overnight Oats: The oatmeal breakfast is so quick

The recipe for the overnight oats is as simple as this: For one person, just less than 50 grams of oat flakes are mixed with about 100 milliliters of milk and left to soak overnight. The special thing about the recipe: It can be put together according to your own taste. In addition to cow’s milk, the recipe works just as well with oat, soy, almond or coconut milk or water.

Oatmeal overnight oats are a healthy breakfast.

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The next morning, the cold oatmeal can also be pimped according to your own ideas: while only apples and nuts are in season in the winter, berries, apricots or other types of fruit can refine breakfast in the summer. If you want, you can also mix the fruit with the oatmeal in the evening.

Fresh fruit contains many vitamins and other important minerals. They also provide sweetness without industrial sugar. The overnight oats can either be enjoyed very cold or taken out of the fridge a few minutes before breakfast. Enjoy your meal!

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