Breakfast for weight loss: 3 ingredients help burn fat

breakfast for weight loss
These ingredients help burn fat

Weight loss through breakfast. These 3 ingredients help


Already ensuring the perfect fat burning at breakfast? Works great when you include these three foods in your meal.

Whether you eat something in the morning or not is entirely up to you. Not everyone can eat breakfast immediately after getting up. It is advisable to prepare a small meal and take it with you to work. Nutrition experts emphasize that a healthy breakfast can counteract diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and also protect against obesity – provided you don’t start the day with dishes like pancakes and cornflakes and the like. These so-called bad carbohydrates consist of refined sugars that can damage our blood sugar. To live a healthy life, we should grab food at breakfast that promotes our digestion and provides us with vitamins and important ingredients.

Eating the right breakfast stimulates fat burning

Harvard University doctor Monique Tello discovered the ideal breakfast formula that is not only healthy, but can also help you lose weight. All we need are three ingredients.

Lose weight in the morning – these 3 ingredients make it easy

Icelandic yogurt: According to the doctor, the yogurt must definitely be of Icelandic origin, because it contains little sugar, but a lot of protein and fiber. The proteins keep us full longer and the blood sugar level remains constant. As a result, the hormone insulin is not released in large quantities, the feeling of satiety persists and there is no urge.

Berry: Berries, especially blueberries and raspberries, keep you fuller for longer due to their fiber content and increase your metabolism at the same time. In addition, the fruit contains a large amount of plant substances, which also have a positive effect on fat burning. The berries keep blood sugar levels at a constant level. As a result, less insulin is produced, which is responsible for weight gain.

The berries can be fresh or from the freezer. The latter have the advantage of lasting longer.

nuts: Almonds, hazelnuts, seeds and pumpkin seeds are particularly good here. Nuts are rich in magnesium – a mineral that is heavily involved in fat burning. Nuts also contain folic acid and the trace element manganese, which optimize metabolic processes in the body.

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