Bean hummus toast – the healthy start to the day

We never tire of serving you new breakfast creations. Because with a good breakfast in the morning you can create a good basis for the day without being hungry. It’s great if it’s also something healthy like our bean hummus toast. By the way, you can eat it not only for breakfast, but throughout the day, either as a dip or spread.

We used edamame and kidney beans for the bean hummus toast, but ultimately you can make your favorite bean into a hummus and then enjoy it as a delicious spread afterwards. The mixture of beans is especially suitable for breakfast, because it keeps you full for a long time and the many proteins give your muscles strength. Want to try more delicious creations with hummus? How about our beet hummus or this cilantro hummus? We’ve even dedicated an extra post to Hummus Day because we’re such big fans of it.

So before you jump right into action and make that bean hummus toast, we’ll give you a few more tips on how to add healthy treats to your breakfast. How about this, for example?

Blackberry smoothie with chia in a bright atmosphere next to purple flowers.


A bean hummus sandwich on a light wooden board and a light blue blanket as background.


Bean hummus toast – the healthy start to the day


Quick and really healthy: bean hummus toast for breakfast.


  1. Put the beans in a strainer and collect the liquid. Mix everything together with the peeled clove of garlic, the scraped thyme and the juice of the lemon until you get a smooth and homogeneous consistency.

  2. If the bean hummus is too firm, simply thin with the reserved liquid from the beans until the consistency is the way you want it.

  3. Spread the bean hummus on two slices of toasted bread and top with your choice of vegetables or salad.

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