Bake your own pizza like in Italy

Pizzaiolos are hot for products from Rostock: Two friends provide amateur cooks with everything they need to bake their own pizza in their own kitchen. Accessories for the gas grill and pizza oven, shovels and ingredients can be ordered in the online store. Fans of Italian food from all over the world bite – this is the recipe of the founders.

Rostock. Andreas Grope (35) and Steffen Steinmann (36) are passionate about original Italian pizza. However, frozen products and delivered goods are not on their plates. When they and their families feel like snacking, their kitchen becomes a restaurant. Then the buddies roll out the yeast dough they have prepared themselves, fill it generously with tomato sauce, cheese and crackers and put it in the oven. Because they like a crispy crust but don’t want to burn anything, the hobby pizzaiolos have come up with brand new toppings. Her promise: With her little helpers, everyone can make the perfect pizza.

The men made a business out of their joy of baking pizza: the Rostock company Stoovis. The supply customers worldwide with heat shields, pizza peels and high quality ingredients – in other words, everything you need to bake your own pizza.

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