Bake a crispy pizza: this trick makes it possible

If you want to bake pizza right, you don’t need a stone oven. But there is an important trick how the pizza becomes really crispy in the oven at home. We will tell you.

Baking pizza right is an art in itself. A traditional Italian pizza has a crispy base and topped with fresh ingredients. The secret behind this is the preparation in the stone oven: a fire burns under the stone, which significantly heats its surface. The pizza is then baked crispy brown directly on the hot stone.

But you can also work at home how a stone oven works. Most modern ovens have a setting where the pizza gets nice and crispy without burning. We will show you a simple trick to make pizza as if it came from the stone oven.

Choose the right setting

To bake pizza properly, you need to set your oven accordingly.
To bake pizza properly, you need to set your oven accordingly.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pimasuro)

To bake pizza properly, you need to select the appropriate setting on your oven. So familiarize yourself with the different ones first Oven icons rely.

The setting that mimics the brick oven is Convection with underheat. You can recognize this setting by the symbol of a fan with a line or a wave underneath. This setting is perfect for baking pizza properly. It is baked crispy on the bottom, but only lightly cooked on top.

Bake your pizza with this setting in the lower third of the oven at maximum temperature. Depending on the recipe, the pizza is ready in ten to twenty minutes.

If your oven does not have this setting, then alternatively bake the pizza at maximum temperature Two-sided heat. Place the pizza in the bottom of the oven. This way, the heat gets directly to the dough and makes it crispy. The baking time also varies with this variant depending on the recipe.

By the way: This setting is also suitable for reheat pizza. The leftovers will still taste good the next day.

Pizza like from the stone oven: ideas for at home

You don't need a brick oven to bake pizza properly.
You don’t need a brick oven to bake pizza properly.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / die9ov)

With the right setting on your oven, you can also make a pizza with a crispy crust at home. It tastes especially good when you make your own pizza. Both those Pizza dough as well as the Pizza sauce is prepared quickly. Then choose your favorite ingredients and cover the pizza with, for example, peppers, spinach, olives, cheese or fresh rocket. Get inspired by these pizza recipes:

Clue: pizza as fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. You can also bake a healthy pizza without yeast and white flour. We’ll show you how to do it here: Quick and healthy pizza? It works with this ingredient.


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