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Broadcast: eat.READ.sleep. Books for you | 09/02/2022 | 06:00 am | by Ehlert, Jan / Kaiser, Daniel

53 min
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Breakfast for Nobel laureates, Harry Potter under house arrest – and what drink will be a metaphor for Daniel?

Breakfast like a Nobel laureate: Even if Daniel had more coffee, this time he was well fortified for the bestseller challenge. And the vote is clear: both thumbs up for the short stories “Kummer aller Kind” by Mariana Leky. There is also a reunion with old acquaintances: Jan has the new book by Katerina Poladjan with him and Daniel is happy about the second novel by Sebastian Stuertz – the one with the “Iron Heart of Charlie Berg”: A mixture of Houellebecq imitation and children’s book, the perfect reading material to convince Jan and Katharina. And also the color – the most beautiful ERS orange – inspires the hosts.

Our guest Michael, aka e_librarian, reveals how one manages to go from being a non-reader to over 130 books a year: In an interview with both hosts. And then, to Jan’s delight, the Nobel Prize winners’ hour strikes again: In the All Time Favorites, he and Daniel Heinrich Böll examine “Views of a Clown” for its suitability for today’s readers.

The books of the show

00:01:34 Heinrich Böll: “Billiards at half past ten” (dtv)

00:04:45 Mariana Leky: “Sarrow of all kinds” (DuMont)

00:12:26 Katerina Poladjan: “Music of the Future” (S. Fischer)

00:17:44 Sebastian Stuertz: “Where else is the brain” (btb)

00:24:26 Interview with Michael aka e_librarian

00:35:00 Colleen Hoover: “Verity” (dtv) / John Marrs: “The Passengers” (Heyne)

00:36:44 Heinrich Böll: “Views of a Clown” (dtv)

Recipe for a breakfast with pepper cheese:


A pot of coffee beans with three cups of coffee

Two slices of toast

Two slices of brown bread

A portion of butter

A portion of orange marmalade

A boiled egg (not gooey!)

A serving of paprika cheese

Healthy Self-Confidence


Mix forty-five grams of cream cheese with a thimbleful of paprika powder and knead well. Garnish with a pepper chip. Emphasize that it is something very special to eat every day.


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