5 tips for a holiday in Positano

From a former fishing village to a dream destination: today Positano is probably the most famous place on the Amalfi Coast and attracts travelers and influencers from all over the world. Tayler and Anika from the travel blog “LoveLifePassport” also associate pure magic and “la dolce vita” with the place.

In the small town of Positano on the southern Italian Gulf of Salerno, only about 40 kilometers from Naples, pastel-colored houses with terraces climb up the steep hill. In between meander winding alleys and olive groves, lemon trees and bougainvilleas emit their fragrances. At the foot of the mountain, well-kept pebble beaches, the blue sea and the harbor with its fishing boats characterize the romantic holiday picture, while hiking trails in the middle of wild nature attract you up the slope. sea ​​or mountains? Vacationers in Positano don’t even have to ask themselves this question. Anika and Tayler from “LoveLifePassport” also appreciate it and tell us their tips for a successful holiday in Positano.

You can also hear all the tips and inspiration from this article about Positano on the following podcast episode of Around the World in 5 Minutes:

What you need to know before vacationing in Positano:

What is the best way to get there?

Taylor: The best way to get to Positano is by plane to Naples, from where you can continue by rental car. A small tip: Always take a video and photos of the rental car in advance! There is also the option of taking public transport to Amalfi via Sorrento. But of course you are more flexible with the car.

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What should you definitely do?

Anika: We therefore definitely recommend exploring the entire Amalfi Coast by car or scooter. There are so many beautiful places, bays and beaches along the coast, some of which are not as crowded as Positano itself.

Positano at sunset
View of Positano from the beachPhoto: Getty Images

Where are the best restaurants?

Taylor: In Positano you can really find a good restaurant or cafe next to the other. Everywhere you can enjoy your pizza and pasta or drink your espresso. The restaurant with the best view is definitely the “Don Giovanni”. This beautiful, typically Italian restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Salerno from Positano. The “Casa e Bottega” is also recommended: definitely one of the best lunch spots in Positano. Both places are the “most Instagrammable places ever”.

What is an insider tip?

Taylor: You can only really enjoy the view of the Amalfi Coast and Positano if you look at the whole thing from a different angle: namely from the sea! It is best to rent a boat for an hour or two or book a boat tour. Beautiful bays, caves and panoramic views, plus sun and sea – you absolutely must see the Amalfi Coast from the water.

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Talyer and Anika on their boat tour in the Gulf of Salerno with a view of Positano

Which area is ideal for accommodation?

Anika: We recommend not staying in Positano, but in the small town of Ravello. Ravello is significantly cheaper and it is only 15 minutes from Positano.

Ravello near Positano
Ravello rises 350 meters above sea level and enchants not only holidaymakers with its alleys surrounded by lush gardens. Many artists and intellectuals also settled here. Photo: Getty Images

Taylor: In Positano you really have to dig deep into your wallet. Whether it’s pizza, pasta or ice cream. Everything is very, very, very expensive. So it is worth saving on overnight accommodation.

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