10 easy recipes for spooky snacks

From salty to sweet, with and without pumpkin, simple snacks, finger food and drinks: Here you will find recipes to bake for your children’s Halloween parties.

In the night from October 31 to November 1 comes the horror festival: Halloween. The origin of the day goes back to the Celts. At the end of October they exorcised the evil spirits.

Today, children go around the neighborhood in spooky Halloween costumes like witches or ghosts. From door to door they ask for sweets – true to the motto: trick or treat!

Other families hold spooky Halloween parties with their children. And that’s exactly what snacks, finger foods or non-alcoholic punch and drinks are for. But even without a big party, you can make your children happy with our recipes for Halloween. That’s why we now present our ideas for the Halloween party.

Easy, hearty finger food for Halloween

When children bake, it often needs to be done quickly. You don’t even need a prescription for these two classics:

  • Creepy mummies: Wrap Viennese in puff pastry and glue on eyes made from half olives or something similar
  • Stuffed peppers: Cut the peppers like a pumpkin with a knife and fill them with a minced meat or vegetable sauce

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Halloween party drinks

Those who help themselves to finger food and snacks at the buffet will sooner or later get thirsty. So we have the following ideas for the drinks at your Halloween party:

  • blood wine: simply serve a red juice such as grape, cranberry or blackcurrant juice
  • witch beat: Color a juice of your choice, for example apple juice, with green food coloring

Pumpkin Brownies: A Sweet Treat for Halloween

Everyone knows chocolate brownies – as a variant with white chocolate or in combination with cheesecake, many may have tried the American pastry at least once. However, our version of brownies with pumpkin should be new…

Chocolate brownies with pumpkin

Photo: Antonina / stock.adobe.com

Click here for the recipe for the perfect Halloween snack.

Scary ghost – the recipe for Halloween for children

This spooky banana ghost recipe is great for imitating with kids. But not only the offspring will love the ghosts – the fruit simply makes a delicious combination with chocolate.

Banana ghosts

Photo: ©Kati Neudert

Fancy some finger food? You can find a list of ingredients and instructions here.

Halloween: More recipes with pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin is part of Halloween. But it often doesn’t stop with a pumpkin. If you have several children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren, each will want to carve their own copy. It can quickly accumulate a lot of pulp. You can use it to prepare a delicious soup, for example. If there is too much left over, simply freeze the rest in portions and thaw them over the winter months.

But did you know you can also bake with pumpkins?

For Halloween: Recipe for apple pie with pumpkin

The gingerbread you need for this cake is already on the shelves by Halloween and you can also find the Hokkaido pumpkin you need on every corner. So nothing stands in the way of baking this recipe!

Pumpkin apple pie with gingerbread

Photo: reader photo

How to prepare the Halloween recipe, you will learn from our article.

Recipe for mini pumpkin pies for Halloween

Whether as a gift for the kids, for the Halloween party or as a seasonal snack with afternoon coffee: these small but delicious pumpkin cookies will make every pumpkin fan happy!

Mini Pumpkin Pies are the perfect snack for any Halloween party!

Photo: stock.adobe.com

Now bake mini pumpkin pies for Halloween!

Halloween: Recipe for Walnut Cake with Hokkaido Pumpkin

With this recipe for a walnut cake with pumpkin, you decide: Should it be a classic, quickly prepared cake or do you prefer an elaborate cake with cream or buttercream?

With this recipe you have the choice between cake and tart.

Recipe for Halloween: jam with pumpkin, apple and orange

This jam is just right for the cold season! You may be wondering: jam as a snack for the Halloween party? Sure, for example for decoration or as fake blood.

The perfect jam for Halloween consists of pumpkin, apple and orange.

Photo: ©tbralnina – stock.adobe.com

You can find our recipe for Halloween jam here.


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